Home delivery repair service

Home delivery repair service

If you do not know the cause of the failure, or if it cannot be fixed by simply adjusting or replacing parts, please use our home delivery repair service.
Send it to us by home delivery service and our expert repair technicians will take great care of it.
Please feel free to contact us first.

Please contact us by e-mail,
phone or fax.

  1. STEP.1We will send you a specialized box for sewing machine repair by home delivery service.

    We will send you a specialized repair box that matches the size of your sewing machine.
    As shown in the picture, please wrap your machine in air cushion and seal it in the repair box.
    Then, please hand it over to the delivery service person who comes to pick up your sewing machine.
    We will put the slip on the specialized repair box and take care of it.

    *We will send you an air cushion and a specialized repair box, so you do not need to prepare them.
    *If you can provide us with a note of the failure, it will make the repair process smoother.
    *Please send us the accessories as well.
    *The shipping cost will be described in the reply email that we quoted you.

  2. STEP.2As soon as we receive your sewing machine, we will contact you with the repair details and the estimated cost.

    In some rare cases, repair may not be possible.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  3. STEP.3.Our sewing machine repair technicians will carefully repair your machine.

    Our sewing machine repair technicians will carefully and sincerely repair your valuable sewing machine.
    Please note that the time required for each repair varies depending on the type of repair.

  4. STEP.4We will send the repaired sewing machine to you.

    When the repair is completed, we will deliver it to you by cash on delivery (COD) by Yamato delivery service.
    Please refer to the table below for fees.

Basic fee shipping, cardboard, estimate, etc. ¥3,000~
Parts replacement fee Only parts replacement fee, not including adjustment fee ¥4,000~
Adjustment fee No parts replacement, only overall adjustment ¥6,000~
Looper related Looper adjustment fee ¥8,000~
Needle bar related Adjustment of needle bar crank, etc. ¥10,000~
Oil supply related Cleaning of oil supply pump and hose, etc. ¥7,000~
Internal rod related Adjustment by replacement of each rod ¥12,000~
Metal related Adjustment by replacement of metal parts, etc. ¥13,000~
Disassembly adjustment Adjustment by disassembling each part ¥20,000~
Major overhaul adjustment Major overhaul due to oil loss, etc. ¥30,000~
Overhaul repairt Maintenance of the entire sewing machine ¥38,000~