Introduction of SSM-140-2

Blind stitch sewing machines for fine threads
Model : SSM-140-2 hemming blind stitching sewing machines for socks, gloves, etc.

Single-needle, single-thread, chain stitch sewing method

A monopolized line roller is installed for easy sewing and stable folding width.
*The roller has been replaced with the latest model for increased durability.

  • SSM-140-2
    A monopolized line roller is installed.
    Bending width is stable and easy for beginners to sew.
  • SSM-140-2
    Sewing samples
Max. speed 2500rpm
Sewing method Single thread, chain stitch (blind stitch)
Stitch width 3-8mm
Needle used LWx6T #3 (#11)
Feeding method Last pull roller drive method